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"Creativity takes Courage": Ibiza inspired me.

Art Trotting- July

During the first 2 weeks of July, I dedicated my time to organise the Tryson Collection. I came to the conclusion that I needed to expand my art collection by adding new emerging artists.

Through my Instagram account I asked you for recommendations, and your answers were amazing! So many incredible artists, galleries and art dealers got in contact with me that I felt overwhelmed. Thank you very much for your suggestions and for sending me so many great portfolios!

I am still considering which artworks should be added to the collection. If you are an artist and I don’t choose any artwork from your portfolio, please don’t feel discouraged! Keep working hard, believe in yourself, and try experimenting with new techniques and styles. A good artist never stops experimenting.

“Creativity takes courage”- Henry Matisse

Can Art Ibiza

During my stay in Ibiza, I had the pleasure of meeting with a good variety of emerging artists, mid-career artists, and other big names of the international contemporary art scene in an easy-going vibe of the Mediterranean style. The perfect place to mix pleasure with art!

The Can Art Fair in Ibiza was curated by freelance writer Sasha Bogojev. The organisation was arranged by the team behind UVNT Art Fair Madrid, and captained by Sergio Sancho. Ibiza Art Week hosted local galleries, institutions and private collections, curating special events and amazing programs across the island.

The second edition of Can Art Ibiza focused on Figurative art, attracting cutting-edge artists and galleries from the current avant-garde international art scene, captivating many collectors to the Mediterranean island.

Ibiza is well known as a meeting place for hippies, DJ’s and free spirits. CAN, which means “house of” in Ibizan dialect, was boiling with mostly young and emerging galleries that created a good blend of cutting-edge art with a colourful artistic language that the visitors enjoyed and felt like at home.

Well done guys!! We are looking forward to be invited to the third edition!

If you are looking for good vibes+Mediterranean ambiance+good food+colourful art+great music+crystalline waters, don’t hesitate to visit Ibiza.

And now... happy summer to everyone! Time for mountain hikes! Enjoy the sunshine!

The End

by Soniabblondon

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